Photo by Violet Redekop

I would like to say that I also had a great time this year. Even though I struggle with depression, I felt included and welcomed by all.
I try to help and participate where ever I can weather by word, drum, or deed.
I truly appreciate the inclusive feeling that was ever-present throughout our time there. I can only hope we all make it to next year and bring some more friends with us to share the magic that's... sasamat.
~The Other Dave, Gathering 2018
The Gathering for Life on Earth is a co-created event on every level.  This festival does not happen without help from every member.  From the activities offered and the creation of temple spaces, to mutual entertainment (story, song and dance) and a clean and safe environment, it takes a community to build something this special.

The Gathering depends on volunteers to perform certain other essential tasks. Volunteering offers wonderful opportunities to meet people and make new friends.

There are a number of ways you can volunteer.  Only one of which is required.

Volunteer Shift (Required)

Every adult Member (and the minors, too, if their guardian and they so desire) does a volunteer shift.  As the current site requires less involvement and work from the attendees, we can now count running a ritual or workshop as your volunteer shift. We are grateful for this as we can now offer more tangible appreciation of the hard work, time, and dedication our Members put into these.

For those not offering an activity, we have the regular volunteer shifts.  Sign up for your preferred shift when you register.

How else can you volunteer?

Take part

Make music at the fire, play in the lake, attend workshops and rituals, talk to new people at meals.  Get dressed up if you want to or dressed down if you prefer (though top/bottom/shoes are always required at the Main Lodge & its decks).  Visit the Temples, wander the site.

As much or as little as you like, take part.

Keep things clean

We work together to not just keep the site clean, but to perhaps leave it cleaner than how we found it.  To that end, all of us are expected to:

  • generally keep the site tidy and well maintained throughout the event
  • keep our cabins clean (no food outside of the cabins!  there be bears here)
  • keep our assigned area clean (each sleeping area has an assigned cleaning area)
  • keep the main lodge clean
  • take part in Monday clean up

Take care of each other

Be respectful and caring of each other. Sometimes people need time alone, sometimes we need support.  Give the caring support of community to each other.

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