Thank you. Thank you for being curious and wanting to know more about us. This year we’ve taken on the big project of re-designing the entire website. And you have arrived at a page that hasn’t yet had its makeover. Please be patient, it’ll be updated soon. In the meantime, here are the barest bones of what this page has to tell you:

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The Gathering for Life on Earth (a.k.a the Gathering, a.k.a. GFLOE) is a Pagan spiritual retreat, hosted each year by the Greater Vancouver Pagan community.

The purpose of this 4-day event is to build community; to foster religious discussion; and, to celebrate life on the Pagan path. We pride ourselves on welcoming and being inclusive of all paths whether you’re an animist, ceremonialist, druid, heathen, shaman, witch, or other. The Gathering is intended by its organizers to be a meeting place where Pagans can be exposed to new ideas; be spiritually challenged; grow; meet new people; and above all — have fun!

The Gathering for Life on Earth is a registered non-profit society run by a members-elected board of volunteers who are re-elected each year at an annual general meeting which takes place during the festival. The festival does not make money, but is instead here solely for the benefit of the community. It is completely run by unpaid volunteers who work hard to organize a new festival each year.

Check out Gathering 2019 for information specific to this year or start your registration process now.  Have questions?  Contact us at together@gatheringforlife.org or check out our contact page for more contact options.

We invite you to read through the many places on this website to get a strong sense of the event.


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