The Gathering Differences

Thank you. Thank you for being curious and wanting to know more about us. This year we’ve taken on the big project of re-designing the entire website. And you have arrived at a page that hasn’t yet had its makeover. Please be patient, it’ll be updated soon. In the meantime, here are the barest bones of what this page has to tell you:


The Gathering it NOT your usual festival.

It is an all-inclusive event:  your food and your lodgings are included.

It is neither in a hotel nor life in a tent.

Nor in need of restaurants.

All pagan groups and faiths are welcome and present.

Heathens and Wiccans, Thelemites and Druids.

Shamans, dreamers and those just curious.

Workshops/rituals are members driven.

Big name or small.  First time presenter or practiced ritualist.

All are welcome to take a leading role.

It is a not-for-profit and we are all voting members.

Together, we are a part of something just a little bit more than a weekend away.



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