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May 19-22 2017


Trance and Altered States.

This year we invite you into a deep spiritual work steeped in old and new traditions that induce trance and other deep meditative practices and can lead to altered states of consciousness and awareness. Remember when we work between the worlds, we change all the worlds. Blessed Be!

Please come prepared for an intense weekend of workshop and rituals.


As always Events only happen when you (yes, you!) volunteer to share. The event can be pretty much anything that you have knowledge of, or something you have fun doing and are willing to share with others. When you register you will be asked if you’d like to offer an event.

CHANGE IN PROCEDURE NOTICE! Because of growth, increased participation, and interest, the Board has updated the way in which the Opening, Closing, and Main Rituals are assigned. Starting with GFLOE 2016, those interested in creating the Opening, Closing, and Main Rituals will be asked to submit a short proposal describing the ritual. Applications for those interested in presenting these rituals must be submitted to the Board by April 1st! Please mail proposals to

Events will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.


Visit our registration page for the latest information and links to the form.


If you have questions about the Gathering for Life, please feel free to contact us.