Meals & Feast


Photo by Joe Perri

The Gathering is a catered event. Three solid nutritious meals, featuring a variety of comfort food, are served daily. There’s plenty of good eating here for omnivores and vegetarians alike. The kitchen staff are well-trained food service professionals who are more than capable of providing reasonable and cheerful attention to ordinary dietary requirements.

Dietary Restrictions

We will strive to offer non-dairy and wheat-free meals for those who require it; however, please know that it is not possible for the kitchen staff, nor is it within our budget to meet every dietary requirement. For severely restricted diets, please consider bringing supplements to camp meals and act accordingly. Be sure to complete the Meals Section on the Registration Form.

No Nuts!

We are on a NO NUTS site (no peanuts, cashews, almonds, sunflowers, walnuts, etc., etc.).  Please do not even bring anything with nuts to the site.  There are people on site during our event and at other events who are literally deathly allergic.

Cooking Amenities

The only cooking facilities available to attendees are a communal microwave, toaster, and electric tea kettle.


Photo by Violet Redekop

Most every year, on the Saturday evening we celebrate our togetherness with a feast.  The Members come together and decorate the tables and themselves, if they desire (i.e. get dressed up, often in something flowing, funky, or very pagan-inspired.  This meal is served buffet style.  In 2018, with our Dragon themed event, we had a Dragon themed dinner.  Check out everyone being their Dragon-y selves in the picture above!

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