Thank you. Thank you for being curious and wanting to know more about us. This year we’ve taken on the big project of re-designing the entire website. And you have arrived at a page that hasn’t yet had its makeover. Please be patient, it’ll be updated soon. In the meantime, here are the barest bones of what this page has to tell you:


The Gathering is committed to growth and inclusivity. If this is your first Gathering, please let us know by checking off the “First Gathering?” box on your registration form so we can include some helpful advice and recommendations in your confirmation package. The Gathering is a great chance to explore a variety of Pagan spiritual paths in respectful and supportive surroundings.

• Facebook Group

If you haven’t already, we recommend joining our Facebook group. There you will receive the latest news on the upcoming festival, have the ability to download important files (registration packages, site maps, volunteer info, etc) and be able to talk about Gatherings past and forthcoming with other members. It is also a way to share your ideas with the Board and to learn more about the ever-evolving focus of the GFLOE Festival.

Photo Joe Perri

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