Nse Birch, Gathering 2018

August 10, 2018

Going into this weekend, I was scared. I was worried that Gord and I wouldn't really be welcome. I also had no idea what to expect, despite Gord's attempts to describe. I was so very moved by what I found. Gord noted that he's not sure that he's ever seen me this level of happy. Paganism very clearly agrees with me. I loved Louise sharing a starting point about the Gods/Goddesses, Holly sharing breathing techniques for different types of states, Sabrina showing us how to really move together... Violet leading us on more than one ritual journey with a lighthearted approach that belied the undercurrent of power and the dragon coven leading us through a ritual that felt deep and so very real.

Thank you, all of you, for letting me be myself. For the skinny dipping and the fire dancing and the shared camaraderie. Even in the darkest dark of night, our camp glowed with our fire and our strength and our tenacity.

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