Festival Policies


Photo Joe Perri

Laws for a Safe and Congenial Weekend

Please Read Carefully:

  1. You are solely responsible for your own safety and behaviour at all times, Willful, aggressive, or inappropriate behaviour that threatens the sanctity of the Gathering or its members will not be tolerated. You are also solely responsible for your child’s safety and behaviour at all times, including any other minors in your charge. The safety of children is a high priority. Any children found unsupervised in a hazardous or restricted area will be escorted back to their responsible adult for their own safety. Please read the “Policy Concerning Minors” carefully to familiarize yourself with the restrictions and procedures concerning children.
  2. We honour the Gods and ourselves by obtaining consent BEFORE engaging in any type of sensual activity with another person. Respect the physical, mental and emotional boundaries of others – ask for consent before engaging in any form of physical contact. We ask that participants be aware of their language and behaviour and consider whether they may cause harm to others. Our intent is to provide a safe comfortable space for all event attendees, therefore we will not tolerate any form of violence, sexism, ageism, homophobia, sexual harassment, or consent violations.
  3. Alcohol: The open and obvious consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed. Illegal and recreational drug use is also not allowed.
  4. Amplified music is allowed only in designated areas and at designated times.The camp is located within a municipality and local noise level regulations must be strictly complied with.
  5. No photographs of other people without their express permission. Extra care must be taken to avoid photographing non-consenting people in the background, especially if nudity or special costuming is an issue.
  6. Smoking will be allowed in designated areas only.
  7. Fires are permitted in designated areas only and must be attended at all times. This includes candles, incense, and all other sources of ignition.
  8. Important: No incense or candles may be burned in cabins or cottages or yurts at any time.
  9. No littering. Recycling is encouraged. Litter bags/recycling and waste receptacles will be available at the Dining Hall and other designated areas. Do not throw litter in the lake, ponds, or fire pits.Absolutely no litter (including cigarette butts) in sacred fires!  Please ask if you are not sure.
  10. No defacing or cutting of picnic tables or benches. No weapons, including ritual tools, outside of ritual space.
  11. No animals — dogs, cats, fish, wombats, live familiars or others — will be admitted except Seeing Eye and Assist dogs.
  12. Bring your own flashlight, as night lighting is limited.
  13. Bring your own mug.

GFLOE Policy for Minors

For the purposes of this document, a minor is a person under the age of 19. These policies ensure the safety of our members and meet our contractual obligations with the camp and our legal and insurance liability requirements. If you are an adult responsible for a minor at the Gathering, please read the following carefully as you will be expected to understand the guidelines for children at our event

  • On Friday night, depending upon the number of children registered at the Gathering, there may be a short Parent Orientation after opening ceremonies. Attendance is required of at least one adult for each child. You will be submitting permission forms and medical information; being introduced to the child care providers; and will be given a work shift schedule.
  • If your child is under the age of 8 they must be under adult supervision at all times whenever they are not in a supervised children’s area.
  • Those children that are school age up to the age of 12 will have freedom to move around the main areas of the camp (boundaries are formed by the main fire pit, near side of the bridge to the beach, the parking lot and the cabins).
  • Our teens are still minors and will have the freedom to go where they wish, with the only exceptions being the adult only spaces, and they may not enter the water without a responsible parent or designated guardian present. There are no lifeguards on duty.
  • All minors are restricted from Adult Temple spaces at all times
  • From dusk till dawn, all minors are restricted from any and all wooded areas unless accompanies by a responsible adult. Remember this is a wilderness camp and the woods can be unsafe.
  • If a minor is found in a restricted area they will be brought back to either the supervised children’s activity area or to one of their responsible adults. Incidents will be reported to the Board.

Important Note

Anyone breaking any of the above, and/or acting inappropriately or in such a manner as to affect the safety or enjoyment of the camp by others will, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, be asked to leave the premises and will not be granted a refund of any fees.