Volunteer Opportunities

This festival does not happen without help from everyone attending. All participants are expected to keep the site tidy and well maintained throughout the course of the event. We will all need to clean the site on Monday; every cabin/yurt will be responsible for their own accommodation and surrounding area.

In addition, The Gathering depends on volunteers to perform certain other essential tasks. Volunteering offers wonderful opportunities to meet people and make new friends.

As the current site requires less involvement and work from the attendees, we can now consider running a ritual or workshop as your work shift. We appreciate the hard work, time, and dedication you put into these for us.

Here are some of the volunteer opportunities for your consideration:

First Aid: Having first-aiders on call for the weekend makes us all safer. If you have first aid training and would like to volunteer for a shift, please give us your certification information, including the certificate number and expiration date with your registration.

Children’s Activities: Under the guidance of the Children’s Activities Coordinator or an assistant, you will help guide our youngest campers as they work on various arts, crafts, or other activities. All parents are expected to complete at least one shift.

Workshop Presenter / Discussion Group Facilitator / Ritual Host: Workshops / discussion groups / rituals will count as the volunteer contribution for the respective presenter / facilitator / host.

Fire Tenders: Keep the sacred fire going. Chop and haul wood. Shifts will last 3 or 4 hours and you are able to come and go. There are more than one person per shift and wood chopping is not a requirement. Fire is kept going 24 hours so we need late night and early morning people too.

Late Night Main Lodge Clean Sweep: For the night owls among us. Duties are to do an after-midnight check of the main lodge and surrounding areas to ensure the area is clean and ready for breakfast.

Post Meal Clean Up: Ensure dirty are placed in designated bins and tables are wiped down.