Gathering for Life on Earth 2023

A home for the Soul



At our Goblin Market



And make magick happen


Join us in 2023

Together We Create


Take workshops and/or put them on.  Aligned with our Theme or simply something you or another member has always wanted to share, to teach, we have workshops of all topics to enjoy and discover.

Acquire Knowledge....


Take part in rituals or put your own on for the rest of us; follow the Theme or follow your dream.  Light-hearted or deeply transformative and all the magickal places in-between.

Explore Change...


Days and nights of magickal, mystical, moving experiences await us all.  Dancing, drumming, singing and harping.  Music and movement, laughter and revelry.  Magick and mischief and the freedom to be who we truly are.

Play In Joy...

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RDT, Gathering 2017

Thank you to our Board and to all the workshop presenters, vendors, and members who worked together to create another wonderful and magical weekend! The weather couldn't have been better and swimming in the lake was glorious! We had some new folks who joined us this year and it was such a pleasure to have them there. I hope we will all meet again next year so we can get to know each other better. Thanks again everyone! Much love ❤ ❤ ❤


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