This is an event we make happen together.  Rituals, workshops, and activity offerings are not by a few people brought in from outside – they are done by you, by me, by us.  We do our absolute best to make space and time for every activity someone wants to offer to the community.  The circle of sharing, those who attend, those who offer, who are also those who attend, is part of what makes the Gathering such a joy to attend.


Workshops and Activities

If you feel moved to turn your artistic or scholarly talents to organizing a workshop, performance piece, craft, or other activity that reflects (or even promotes) your own Pagan-specific religious beliefs and practices, our Events Coordinator will be happy to schedule your event.

Once you register for the Gathering, you can also submit an Event Registration form, and our Event Coordinator will get in contact with you. For your safety and privacy, all rituals and workshops are held on-site; some happenings, such as guided hikes, will venture into the wider public park.

The deadline for all event proposals is 1st May 2024.

Submissions received after the deadline will be considered only if time and space allow, so don’t delay if you have a workshop or ritual you want to present.

Opening, Closing & Main Ritual

Would you like to creating the Opening, Closing, or Main Rituals? You will be asked to submit a short proposal. Applications for those interested in presenting these rituals must be submitted by the deadline!

What’s Happening

The schedule for The Gathering 2024 will be announced throughout Spring 2024, with a final schedule available at the event.
(Disclaimer: All events at The Gathering may be subject to change.)

Past Events

Here’s a peek at some of what happened at The Gathering in 2023:

  • Pagan Speed Friending hosted by Wendy Nova
  • Cord Magic with Celeste and Dawn
  • Science and Magic for Longevity with Krista
  • What’s in a Name with Morag
  • Spiral Dance with Skye
  • Finding Magical Tools in Nature with Krista Greene
  • Quan Yin Healing Ritual with Trivia
  • Stone Soup and Story with Rosanne and Trivia
  • Morning Meditation with Josh
  • Main Ritual – featuring Bill the Cat (Ack! Ack! Ack!)

And in 2022:

  • (Family Activity) “You are NOT Alone!” with Wayne
  • Meet the Trees walk with Entwife Kat
  • “Talk with Spirits” with Sweetheart Medium Amy Hearn
  • Hag’s Tapers Make & Take with Trivia
  • Honopono ceremony with Krista
  • Storytime and Bardic with Trivia
  • Morning Meditation with Josh
  • Songs for Circle: Pagan Chants with Trivia
  • Performing Spiritual Energetics with Andrew Burton & Teresa Cavanaugh of Moonstone Temple
  • Sigyn & Loki Rituals with Raven Rissy
  • Tantra for Everyone with Alex


Our temples will be set up in walled or partially walled tents strategically placed on the site. They will be unheated this year.

Healing Temple

A sacred space for meditation, body work, peace, and healing.

The Temple

A sacred space dedicated to multiple Deities, for devotion, offerings or simply quiet contemplation.

If you would like to set up an altar to a Deity at The Temple, please fill out the Application for Temple Shrine Spots.

Family Activities

We are offering children’s programming for the young and the young at heart!  The Family Activity Tent will feature a variety of kid (and adult) friendly crafts, books, coloring pages, and more, and family-friendly workshops will be hosted throughout the weekend.

Children must be accompanied by a designated adult to all family activities. Please see our Policy on Minors for more information about children at the Gathering. Some activities may be available to adults for a small fee to offset cost of materials.

If you want to get in touch with your inner child and present a kids’ or teens’ workshop or ritual, please let us know on the Event Registration form.

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