Goblin Market

Goblin Market Merchants 2024

Who shall be vending their wares (if you have coin) at the Goblin Market in 2024?

So far? No one yet!

Merchants will be added as we receive their application and information!

Interested in Being a Merchant?

Read more below:

General Information

Are you ready to share your artwork, crafts, music, divination skills, or other Pagan-themed goods with the community?

This is a small festival so marketing opportunities are limited. Preference will go to hand-made items and local Pagan businesses.

You will need to complete the Merchant registration form to be a Goblin Market Vendor.

Applications will only be rejected if
a) there is no space left, or
b) the goods or service sold is deemed unsuitable.
We will let you know ASAP.

We are looking for:

  • Artwork
  • Herbal Goods
  • Jewelry
  • Magical Supplies
  • Ritual Tools
  • Tarot/Rune Readers

Merchant Limitations (i.e. what is not accepted)

  • Recipients of scholarships are not permitted to vend.
  • No food vendors permitted.
  • Unsuitable items (i.e. unrelated or offensive items, etc.).

If in doubt, send us an email before registering to make sure your wares/services will meet the requirements.

Space & Responsibility

All vendors are responsible for bringing their own weather-proof merchant tents, blankets, tables, chairs, and displays.

Merchants can open and close their booths at their own discretion.

All merchants are responsible for their goods at all times and are advised to either have someone mind their table if they have to leave, or to lock their goods in their vehicle.

Please note that the burning of incense and playing of recorded music is prohibited in the marketplace as it is a shared common area.


The merchant fee is 10% of your total sales for the weekend. This is per vendor, on top of the normal registration fees.

Your fee is payable at the end of your final day, before tear-down.

Goblin Market Book Exchange

There will be a small space set aside at the Goblin Market for a free book exchange. All are welcome to bring any pagan/heathen themed books they’d like to gift to the community, and to take a book in turn.

Photos of previous Goblin Market vendors coming soon!

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